6 Reasons Why Website Maintenance is Important


Regardless of how big or small the business is, website maintenance is so important to every company who are building their market in the online industry. Your website represents your business online and if it’s not well-maintained, it may cause a negative impact to you and your online marketing campaign. Here are six reasons why it is important for businesses … Read More

How to Drive Customers to your Business with Local SEO


Did you know that 50% of mobile local searches lead to visit your store? According to study 50% of mobile users are likely to visit after conducting a local search; 34% of consumers on tablets or computers will go to a store; and 18 percent of local searches lead to sales, compared to 7 percent for non-local searches Search Engine … Read More

6 Reasons Why You Need a Website Redesign This 2018


A website is an online pathway of how customers or clients will get to know your more. It holds the information of what your business is. As a business owner, retailer, organization, blogger or private company; you should position your website as a trustworthy and dependable service, product or information provider in the target market you are involve on. With … Read More