6 Reasons Why You Need a Website Redesign This 2018


A website is an online pathway of how customers or clients will get to know your more. It holds the information of what your business is. As a business owner, retailer, organization, blogger or private company; you should position your website as a trustworthy and dependable service, product or information provider in the target market you are involve on.

With the fast-changing technology penetrating the website design and development industry, here are six reasons why you should start re-designing your website:

  1. Website is out of date

Minimalism on website design is trendy today, you may or may not follow the latest web development trends out there, however it is important to keep your website updated. Updated in the sense that you are sharing trustworthy information. If your website has been looking the same way for a year or so, not even a single content update now is the time for rebuilding.

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  1. Page Speed is too Slow

Page Speed plays a huge factor in today’s website development. With the fast evolution of internet; from slow dial-up connection, to broadband, to fiber optics speed; the waiting-time of users are also becoming too demanding, people lose patience when a website’s loading time is slow prompting them to exit from the page thus losing the chance for potential leads. Try to test your website on this Google tool PageSpeed Insight, as it helps you to know what are to be fixed on the page.


  1. Not Mobile Responsive

The demand of responsive website design is one the raise as the mobile internet users are increasing in numbers yearly. Responsive Web Design is an approach on which web developers and designers makes every web page display perfect on a variety of windows and devices like iPhones, Smart Phones and Tablets.


Test your website using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool and if your experiencing responsive design issues, today would be the best time to contact a professional web designer.

  1. Too much Animation

Flashy animations were trendy back in the years because website was something new to every businesses or individuals. But now things have changed, due to the demand of information, searchers just want to be redirected to the page they need without any distractions of popups, animations, background music, etc. Study shows that today’s internet users seem to be impatient in terms of loading time and the information given to them. If your website has issues on both ends, expect visitors to exist your page.

  1. Not User Friendly

How do we define website user-friendliness? This deals with improving your websites functionalities in terms of its user experience that visitors will find your website easy to navigate and use. The simpler and easier a website is, the better. However, being a website design agency, we’re not shying away that a website should not have special functionalities, having a unique and great website functionality separates us from our competition. However, we make sure that we understand the behavior of our target audiences before launching our designs. This way we can cover how to deliver the user-friendliness of the website to visitors.

  1. Too Hard to Manage and Do Changes

So, let just say you’re having a Static website, and you need to do updates to your content because you want to do the number 1 step. It would be hard for website or business owners to do changes if they are not skillful enough to do coding or html edits thus, making them contact their providers regardless of how big or small the task is. Providing new contents or posts is important to website as it helps it in terms of online marketing. If you’re finding it hard to do content changes on your website on your own, it would be best to start a website rebuilding.

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