Businesses welcome the Digital Transformation Age

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In this generation where information is accessible in almost all corners of the room; the growth of digital transformation is inevitable. Staying ahead from competitions requires analysis, data studies, planning and tests; and this information are vastly attainable in these times. Tools and platforms have been launched helping both private and public sectors deliver their goals on which digital transformation is predominantly used in a context.

But what is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the meshing of technology to all areas of the business, industries, organization, etc. These fundamentals result to a change of how businesses run their operations and systems making them evolve to a digitally centered company.

Why is Digital Transformation Important?

As of 2016, 45% of small and medium owners believed a digital presence is very important for their businesses, and around 43% stated that it is important – USA.

Importance of digital transformation

There are several factors to why business undergo digital transformation, but most likely the reason is it is a MUST for a business to SURVIVE. “Businesses don’t transform by choice because it is expensive and risky. Businesses go through transformation when they have failed to evolve.” Howard King. Some business leaders are commonly not in favor on changing their existing ways due to the risks and expenses, but it does not mean this change is not favorable for these reasons:

  • Bringing in more profit for business: 56% told Gartner Survey that their digital improvements have already improved profits.
  • Customers are mostly likely into digital. As far as we know, every businesses consumers love it when their process brings them more ease. People are wanting everything to be quick and easy.
  • Making the business more efficient. When a company invests on the right system, the change can have slow start but will eventually be more efficient as it progresses. Digital systems and platforms are built not to bring complications but to provide solutions.
  • Everyone is doing it, that includes your competition.

Digital Transformation can be scary for business owners at first but in the latter part, they’ll end up loving the end results. If you feel the need to know more about digitizing your business, contact the experts!


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