Is your Business Found on Google Local? Learn the importance of Google My Business


Google is the most widely used Search Engine around the world and over the years, the Search Engine giant has been doing various updates and launched different kinds of tools, one of which is Google My Business. About Google My Business Is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search … Read More

Google Search Update your Business Needs to Know

Google Search Engine Update on Snippets - Belpro Digital

It was confirmed last week that Google had launched and updated their Search Engine Results Pages with longer search snippets to max 320 characters. Though Danny Sullivan, founder of Search Engine Land stated that it is a dynamic thing and that we don’t need to update your Meta description to make it longer. Therefore, your pages must consist of contents … Read More

The Increasing Demand of Responsive Web Design


The growth of mobile users worldwide has been continuing to increase. Cell Phones, Smartphones, Gadgets, etc. are becoming to be a necessity on today’s generation. People are tending to be more dependent to their mobile phones doing almost everything with it; from communicating, to internet accessing, to emailing, to scheduling, watching movies, playing games etc. Becoming to be more like … Read More

What you should know about Static & Dynamic Website

know about Static & Dynamic Website

Website is a set of web pages under one domain that are accessible via internet which is either associated to a company, person, networks, organizations, shops, etc. There are two main types of websites namely Static and Dynamic. A Static Website is built or coded in a simple way, written in plain HTML (Hypertext Markup Language); while a Dynamic Website … Read More

The Raise of E-commerce in UAE


E-commerce is considered as the future of retail, and without doubt, is beginning to get more popular in UAE. The acquisition of by Amazon this year indicates the fast-growing Middle East market online. is a popular e-commerce platform here in the Middle East, while Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce industry globally. According to Mr. Fahad Al … Read More

The Beneficial Effects of Minimal Website Design


Minimalism on website shares the moto why less is more, which could mean that having less complex design could bring you more benefits. Minimalism on website design is growing online. It’s simplicity and clear typographer brings a refreshing look to online users, on which many famous brands and companies has been doing it like Apple, , Microsoft, ETQ etc. Minimalist … Read More

Why your business need SEO?

Why your Business Needs SEO - Belpro Digital

Nowadays, most people are relying on Search Engines like Google to find or search for something and is the source of traffic for most websites today. The increase of searches has been growing rapidly over the years. According to Google Statistics, they process over 40,000 search queries every second on average. That’s approximately 3.5 billion searches per day that would … Read More

So you need a CSS utility library?


Let’s define a CSS utility library as a stylesheet with many classes available to do small little one-off things. Like classes to adjust margin or padding. Classes to set colors. Classes to set specific layout properties. Classes for sizing. Utility libraries may approach these things in different ways, but seem to share that idea. Which, in essence, brings styling to … Read More

Web Design Trends In 2017


Web design trends are notable for evolving rather than sporadically jumping from style to style. Nowadays trends focus on developing and enhacing a friendly user experience and user interface (UX/UI). Whether you are an aspiring web designer or an established professional in the field, or even someone who just wants a new website, then you need to know the current web design trends. … Read More