The Growth & Importance of Facebook Marketing in UAE


Facebook is the biggest social media network in the internet today with over 1 billion active daily users worldwide, to which digital marketing experts see the social media as a great tool for marketing. Facebook being used by most individual makes it the best way for businesses to do promotions, reach potential customers and build customer relations. Today, there are lot of brands, companies, government agencies, artists, etc. that are already making noise in the said social platform.

The Facebook user in UAE

Over the past years, the growth of Social Media users in the Middle East has been increasing. According to research there are over 8 Million Facebook users in United Arab Emirates today. Let’s breakdown the demographics for the span of 8 to 9 months aging from 18+:

UAE Facebook User Demographic - Belpro Digital

  • The UAE is comprising of 74% Male 26% active Facebook users
  • Most Active users are aging from 18 to 44 years old
  • The highest percentage of user through age group is at 25-34 with around 47-48% share

UAE Facebook User Status & Education - Belpro Digital

  • There are 49% Married and 39% Single who are active on Facebook in UAE
  • 77% of the total active users in UAE are College Level/ College Graduate

UAE Facebook User Job Title - Belpro Digital

  • Most Facebook users in UAE are in Production with 19% rate
  • Installation and Admin Services are also the top careers for Facebook users in UAE with 17%


Facebook for Business Marketing in UAE

Facebook generates a lot of marketing opportunities for businesses and with the number of active Facebook users here in UAE, it’s no doubt one of the best place to do your business promotions. There are three marketing platforms on Facebook a business or individual can use:

  • Facebook Page – a profile page that represents a business, organization or a public figure. This is given by Facebook for free.
  • Facebook Group – is somewhat like a forum or community where you can discuss topics related to your products, services, interests, etc.
  • Facebook Ads – this is a paid platform and is the best way to do marketing on Facebook as it enables you to target the desired audiences you want.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing to Businesses in UAE

Facebook Marketing provides a huge spark to businesses when utilized correctly. How does this Social Platform provide benefits to business?

  • Targeting – Facebook Ad Management tool help you to target and reach specific audiences that can increase your potential ROI (return of investment).
  • Budget Friendly – Either way, you can do marketing for free or do Facebook Ads on which you can set a specific budget you wish to spend on an advertisement. Yes! You can set your own budget for ads.
  • Trust Builder – If you’re practicing different strategies and actively doing promotions for your business, you’ll notice the raise of your followers that would equate the increase of potential customers.
  • Brand Advocate – The potential development of brand advocates. Taking care of your online followers or customers can help build loyal customers. Facebook has given us the ability to assist or engage through real-time interactions which are valuable to customers. Making them feel their importance, thus helping us with our customer relationship building.
  • Reach – Facebook’s functionalities allows you to reach people from different places thus making it a great tool to reach potential customers.
  • Convenience – Facebook is easy to use. You can do marketing while sitting at home or elsewhere. You can speak and send messages to your customers through messenger, you can join different groups on which you can penetrate for marketing, you can create events, you can do announcements, share news, provide help, etc. and you can do all these anywhere, as long as there is internet access.

Aside from the market range and reach Facebook offers, there are unique marketing strategies on which every business owners or individual should understand before they do Facebook Marketing and Ad spending. It is best to know first how and where to penetrate your market audience and learn the possible strategies on reaching or best consult to a Social Media Marketing expert for advice, get in touch today!

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