The Growing Demand of Web Development and Online Marketing

Due to the escalation of internet connection the demand of having a company website for small and large businesses has been increasing. For years, the web design and development services have been growing especially now where the accessibility of information can be done almost anywhere with the advancement of internet on personal computers, mobile phones and tablets; the ability to sell and buy online with e-commerce integration; the ability to connect and reach people through Social Media & other VoIP systems. Yet one of the biggest contribution to technology was the introduction of Smartphones, by which companies start investing on website responsive designs and mobile applications to build more of its online presence. According to research, there are over 1 billion websites today and the number continues to increase.

The Grown of website in the Market - Belpro Digital

With the fast-changing technology and market demands; businesses without website are surely getting left behind by their competition online. However, it is never too late thanks to Digital Marketing; on which not all website owners are investing on it. Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services with the use of digital technologies using the internet, mobile phones and any other digital medium. The top branches of Digital Marketing are:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Content Marketing (SMS Campaigns, Email Marketing Campaigns, Newsletters)
  • Social Media Marketing

According to Statista, The revenue in Digital Advertising in Africa & Middle East amounts to $ 4.502M and the market’s largest segment is on “Search Advertising” with a market volume of US$2,267m in 2018.

Revenue of Digital Marketing - Belpro DigitalRevenue on Mobile and Desktop - Belpro Digital

Why Invest to Web Development and Digital Marketing?

The ability to connect and interact to target audiences on different channels to increase its potential conversion makes the Online Marketing services to be in demand. A company with website yet does not practice digital marketing is like a business card not distributed to potential clients.

Digital Marketing Improvement for clients - Belpro Digital

Belpro Digital’s continuous digital marketing and web application denotes improvements to our customer’s online performance. The implementation to various web and marketing trends and strategies had developed tremendous output to this client. Helping them established their business marketing provided the growth on traffic up to 7.93% through SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization - Belpro Digital

Amazing revenue brought to our client in a span of 15 days, indicates the success of our service as they gain goals with our conversion rate planning and implementation.

Social Media Marketing Brand building - Belpro Digital

Serving excellence on brand building for clients, witnessing the growth of their brand’s popularity as we work on promoting, marketing and engaging potential target audiences.

Belpro Digital takes into priority the clients’ marketing challenges with planned actions and solutions. Take part to one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Agency in the market, invest with us!

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