Google Search Console Updates every Business Owner should know


Google had announced that they’ll be releasing a new Google Search Console reports to all verified users and will be available in the coming weeks. After a long while of beta testing back in July, a new GSC will finally launch!

Google Search Console is an online tool given free to webmasters and online marketing professionals to help monitor website’s performance, security and indexing status. This tool was formerly known as Google Webmaster and was re-branded last May 2015.


According to Google, the new Search Console report will provide a responsive user interface, with more transparency on indexing and can help website owners resolve any issues fasters. The said update will now feature around 16 months of Search Analytics API (Application programming interface), as per John Mueller,

“The one thing that will be happening probably in the next couple of weeks or in a month or so is expanding the existence search analytics API.

So the existing API just to provide data from the longer timeframe that we have available now in search console.

So that’s the one change that will definitely be happening.”

Google Search Console New Features:

  1. Index Coverage: The new Index Coverage Status report will show you more information. It automatically notifies you for errors and will help you trace the cause of the problem bringing you a faster approach to solving the issue.
  2. Search Analytics: Now includes more data given that it’s ranging up to 16 months of the previous data recorded.
  3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): A more in-depth status report of your AMP will be available that is said to include pages display and potential errors.
  4. Job Post: This feature gives you the opportunity to process and monitor the results and performance of your job posting on your website; to be able to promote a Job posting rich results on the SERPs.

Google is slowly updating these features for verified users which will be unavailable to some users however, soon it will be. This overhaul brings good news to business owners, SEO professionals and web developers; given the functionalities to greatly improve the communication processing of website errors and to fixing them, the longer data range shown on Search Analytics and the additional improvements on AMPs and Job Posts.

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