Deaf Wear

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Deaf Wear

Main brand idea will be around drawings, and on each pieces, to communicate a message. With our first collection OMERTA, « law of silence ». Behind every models, a message will translate the front drawings. Please follow and like us:

DG Marine

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DGMarine - Homepage

DG Marine is built on the strength of our experience and expertise in the region, pushing boundaries to provide a privileged lifestyle of incomparable luxury. We understand that every yacht owner is unique and seeks unparalleled adventure. Please follow and like us:

Delhaye Gregory Group

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DGG - Homepage

Since its creation in 2004, the Delhaye Gregory Group (“DGG”) has grown to be the umbrella icon for a number of luxury brands catering to a niche market, the international elite, positioning itself as the UAE’s premier luxury provider. Please follow and like us:

Maison des Fleurs

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Maison des Fleurs - MDF

Maison des Fleurs is a full scale floral design company, celebrated for a modern style with its roots in French design that embraces bright colors and seasonal flowers. Please follow and like us:

World Cup by Sofitel

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A luxurious Majlis located in Abu Dhabi, hosting football’s biggest tournament; the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Serving sumptuous food, beverages and the best offers to Football Fanatics! The team had designed, developed and optimized a website targeting sports fans online; and with Belpro Digital’s special event and voting APP, Sofitel Fan Zone Tent had gathered a total of  1,496 Attendees … Read More

Dish Dash Cafe & Restaurant

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An unrivalled destination exuberating Mediterranean aura, Dish Dash Café and Restaurant serves up the best in ‘Arabian bites’, with self-indulging undertones and exquisite flavours that will take you back to the Arabian roots Please follow and like us:

Jardin de Parfums

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Jardin de Parfum

The Jardin de Parfums – ‘The Garden of Perfumes’ – is a multi-brand concept offering an intriguing way to learn about the art of fragrance with a brand portfolio featuring The White Collection, Papaverum and Unique. Further brands are also in the works and will be launched shortly. Please follow and like us:

Pop-up Shop Factory

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pop-up shop

The Pop-up Shop Factory hosts single and annual pop-up shops to showcase international designers of unique clothing, jewellery, fashion, home accessories, and confectionary. The designs embosady the unique melting pot of Asian, Middle Eastern and Western styles and culture. Please follow and like us:

Repere Care

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Repere Care - Latest Works

Repère Care values the importance of daily beauty rituals embraced by women around the world bringing you a range of skincare products based from the rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Please follow and like us: