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Search Engines like Google has been a source of information for most people. It’s where consumers do most of their search when they want to find products, services, or even if they want to know about something thus making SEO important for Businesses.

Doing SEO helps your website to be found on Search Engines. If you have not done it with your business you could be losing much against your competition online, get in touch with a SEO Company to learn more about it. The process of optimization fixes the issues present on your website from contents, to design, to development, to user friendliness, to links, to traffic acquisition etc. This is how complex an SEO Agency does its job for you complying to Google’s guidelines. Though there are simple ways you can improve your rankings on Google, be guided below:

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Proper Page Title or Meta Title

A Page title serves as your headline. This content will be visible on web browsers title bar and on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) which is why it is important to utilize it for SEO. Take note, that the title has max character limits at least 55 to 60 and overdoing the content that makes it look spammy is a big no to Google.

A good way to maximize your Title is to incorporate it with your keywords but make sure that it naturally constructed in the sense that it’s a proper phrase, making your title readable. But how do we know the right keywords to target? Our team uses different tools to do it, one of which is Google Adword’s Keyword Planner. This tool helps us know the Search Volume plus relevant keyword suggestions we can target related to our searched phrase.

Enticing Meta Description

Meta description works the same as the Page Title, the differences are; it is in paragraph form with longer character limit at least 155-160 and does not show visually on the website’s page and web browser. Recently, Google confirmed a longer display of search snippet on their SERP.

Writing of enticing Meta Description helps your website have higher click through rate. Therefore, it is crucial when doing SEO. When users do a search, mentality is, they read first what they see on the results before clicking. So top ranking does not necessarily mean you gain all the clicks. If a certain user does not see the relevance of the content displayed to the search term he had typed on Google’s search box, they might bypass your website. Keep in mind that readable and concise meta description tends to attract more visits.

Content is King

As the saying goes, “Content is King!” which is a key for SEO. Google wants to bring in the most relevant and informative websites to their Search Results, which is why having relevant and sensible contents are powerful for SEO.

Content is King - BelproContent is King - Belpro

Connecting your keywords to your webpage is a good way to let search engines understand the relevancy of your page to the keywords we want to rank. However, we should build our contents in a natural way. Natural way means, don’t flood your page with Keyword Phrases. It would mess up your Keyword Density. Keyword Density is the percentage the keyword or the phrase shows on the page versus the total number of words on the page. Here’s a formula to calculate the keyword’s density on page.

Keyword Density = (Number of Keywords it has been repeated / Total Words on Page) x 100

Readable URLs

This is simple but sometime is a common mistake to some web developers especially for website with product pages or category pages. Some developers build their websites calling the database dynamically on which it ends up the URL being non-SEO friendly.

If you’re having this on your website, best is to change the URL to make it readable and perform a 301 Redirection of the old (dynamic) URL to the New URL to avoid 404 Crawl Errors. You can advice your web developer to make this change or, you may reach our web development team for help.

Why is this Important? Simply because we can make it relevant to our target keywords. URLs are also displayed visibly on the results of search engines and serve as an indicator for customers/visitors in your website. Same as the META tags there factors to follow when building our web page URLs:

  1. Make it concise and readable.
  2. Use ‘-‘dashes instead of spaces not ‘_’ underscores.
  3. Not too long, having it below a 100 Characters will do.
  4. Page destination should not exceed at to two folders on your website.

Bottom line of this discussion is, we should make our contents concise, relevant, clean and readable on our website. If we build it naturally and not put our worries much on Keywords, everything will go smoothly. We’re not basically saying that having keywords on the website is bad, what we’re trying to deliver is if we be smart with targeting and use diversified terms, in corporate with the right tools and strategy; SEO can and will work for your business.

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