The Increasing Demand of Responsive Web Design


The growth of mobile users worldwide has been continuing to increase. Cell Phones, Smartphones, Gadgets, etc. are becoming to be a necessity on today’s generation. People are tending to be more dependent to their mobile phones doing almost everything with it; from communicating, to internet accessing, to emailing, to scheduling, watching movies, playing games etc. Becoming to be more like your mini-computer therefore, making it a trend for companies today to want a mobile version of their website – making them “Responsive”

Below is a graphic illustration of the growth of mobile users worldwide (in Billions)

Growth of Mobile users world wide -Belpro Digital

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Responsive Web Design is an approach on which web developers/designers makes every web page display perfect on a variety of windows and devices. That means, the display of design should respond to the environment and user’s behavior essentials regardless of what platform and screen size. This application consists of a mix of pliable images, layouts, grids and an experience use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) media queries to accommodate every user’s device display. With everything said and done, users can now have a good viewing experience no matter what device type they’re using.

What Benefits Does a Responsive Website Offer

  • Website Efficiency – It makes your website perform efficiently online as it is built and design with profound coding for maximum user experience.
  • User Friendliness – With the ability of your design to adapt on various display, it would be easy for users to navigate and go through your website.
  • Page Load Speed – When a website is being coded to be responsive, the pagespeed of the website is also improved as developers make sure that images and codes are minified for proper display and effects on various devices.
  • Search Engine Friendly – Search Engine like Google loves responsive design, and is even listed as one of their guidelines.  Google is devoted to give their searchers the best results on their SERP. Thus, they tend to give more value to websites that are has good user-experience.
  • Increase on Traffic – Given the growth of mobile users online and your website well designed and optimized, it is likely to acquire high mobile visits.
  • Increase on Conversion – Given the increase of mobile traffic can lead to potential conversion. Now that your website is responsive and user friendly, it will now be easier for visitors to contact or reach you.

Regardless of what business or company you run, having a good website to represent your website online gives you a lot of benefits. Given the growth of mobile users worldwide, equates to growth on mobile traffic. Hence, it would be best to start improving your website – Talk to web design expert if needed, get in touch with us today!

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